Mesav Mold Industry and Engineering Services Limited Company was developed by R&D and P&D department of Mesa Mold Company 25 years ago.Our company has been serving successfully in the metal cutting and progressive mold industry for over 25 years.Founded in 1993,MESAV aims to produce world-class progressive mold and machining solutions using the latest tools.Our company is a leader in Turkey and rank among the top successful companies in the world with mold and metal link production in the defense industry.With additional investments in background ,machinery and production facilities and the intensive employment of new professionals,we have been able to take a major step in recent years and now we are proud to serve in our new facility of 52 thousand m2 since the second quarter of 2018. Our company,working with the goal of quality and production at the time,continues its business life as a result of the R&D activities carried out by the R&D activities which are engaged in the production of technology and people with the production and measurement systems.


Our visions are * To focus on P&D and R@D activities in an efficient organization structure to develop products continuously. *Producing accurate,punctual and qualified products with quality management system. *Being the leader in Turkey,to bring out company to the same level in the world market. *Our primary goal is to protect our leadership with qualified production in the sector and serve to more areas around the country.It is our vision to be a more dynamic and contemporary MESAV by adopting a new structuring model suitable for todays understanding.


OUR MISSION Our mission is to work actively and efficiently with technology based R&D and P&D.Also, to use international competition and existing facilities in our country and providing high quality service after satisfying the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces,to become a company expanding to the world market.


OUR ACTIVITIES Our activities are,designing and developing of fixtures for our manufacturing,prototype production,testing and exchanging prototypes,mass production with modern CNC machines,metal and progressive mold production,(from 40 mm to 5.56 mm) metal link production.Our technical commercial and specialist teams aim to offer the highest performance quality products and reliability in production processes with our certifications ISO 9001-2008,ISO 14001-2004.Our leading company follows innovations in sheet metal forming molds,sheetpress and assembly products and continues to work by using robots and automation systems in modern production facility.


QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY *Providing services to customers without sacrificing quality management in changing times and conditions. *Complying with projects,contracts,technical specifications,legal regulations correctly. *Building a sustainable force that contributes our country and our society. * Satisfying the customer s and employees. *Improving the system with the participation of all employees continuously . *Being a pioneer and preferred company in the innovations in the sector. * In the direction of the principle of respect to the nature,to avoid harming the environment and to seek ways to protect natural resources. *Continuously developing the environmental management system,providing continuous training to employees in order to prevent environmental pollution and complying with legal regulations.

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